Weed and Wheat...All in One Field

June 25th, 2014 Youth Bible Study

Weed and Wheat…all in one field.

Matthew 13:24-30 & 36-43

This parable is the first of eight “Kingdom of Heaven” parables and the only one that is explained by Jesus.  If we get this parable, we should be able to get the remaining seven.

If we take time to read the scripture, Jesus’ explanation is pretty much all we need (as a Christian) to be able to understand the parable. 

Christians (wheat) are placed in the world (field) along with the sons of the evil one (weeds).  The enemy is, guess who?...yup, the devil.  He comes and plants weeds among the wheat but the farmer (the Son of Man) says it is not time to pull weeds because the wheat might be pulled accidentally.  

This parable gives us the following picture about God, about us, and about His Kingdom:

God has perfect timing for us, He is waiting for just the right time to come weed the field in order to give the world as much time possible to repent and be part of the Kingdom with Him.

God’s Kingdom on earth is a mix of weed and wheat, but, in an unknown future, all the weed will be taken out and thrown into the fire and the Kingdom will only be for the wheat, for those who love Him and obey. 

We are not harvesters, we are either the wheat or the weed and as such we cannot judge and say that certain people are weeds and others the good plants.  We should be sharing the love, grace, mercy, and patience of Christ so that others can be encouraged to come to His feet.

Pastor Vania