The amazing healing power through the Church

Acts 5:15-16

What an amazing power was flowing through the First Church as recorded in the book of Acts. But the writer, Luke, notices that it came as a result of the growing influence of the Church filled with the Holy Spirit.

Healing in the Bible may include not only the physical body, but the mind, the land, and most importantly, the spirit.

Let’s see with the eyes of faith how that amazing healing power worked through the Church.

1.       The supernatural healing power inside the Church:

{C}1)      .               Healing was performed by God’s power and will. God answers the prayers His Church makes. The Church prayed: “Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” Acts 4:30

{C}2)      .               Healing was made through the apostles. The apostles, as leaders of the Church, represented the prayers, unity, generosity, and passion of the Church. Acts 5:12.

{C}3)      .               Healing was made for the people to fulfill a purpose. Healing was part of the fulfillment in the messianic era (Isaiah 34:5-6) and produced amazement and wonder in the people (Acts 3:10).

2.       The human foundation of the healing through the Church.

{C}1)      .               Intensive and continuous prayer. When the Church receives bad news and threats, the first thing it does is raising its voice in prayer as one body (Acts 4:24).

{C}2)      .               Filled with the Holy Spirit. Only the fullness of the Spirit taking over the Church’s life can enable it as an agent of healing in this hurting world through the power of the Word. (Acts 4:31).

{C}3)      .               One mind and one heart. Here is when Jesus’ prayer on John 17 is embodied by the Church. The thousand believers became one in mind and in heart. What a powerful source of healing love for a world full of loneliness.

The time of the Messiah is now. His Church is His agent. Let’s intensify our life of prayer! Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to take over the Church life! Let’s seek to be in harmony in our minds and hearts in one purpose and mission!

There is a contemporary song written by Casting Crowns that says: “But if we are the body, why aren’t His arms reaching? Why aren’t His hands healing?”

May your prayer be to be an agent of His amazing healing power!!!